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WelshPixie, ShadowFigure

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WelshPixie, ShadowFigure7 months ago
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A calligraphy example, one short phrase on a narrow piece of paper surrounded by a gold bar with wrapped leaves and vines
A calligraphy example; a single word with an illuminated first letter and a thick, wide border with various decorations on all sides
A calligraphy example; a few short lines wrapped on the top, left, and bottom with an open border
A calligraphy example; a short phrase surrounded by a full thick decorative border
WelshPixie, ShadowFigure1 year ago
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WelshPixie, ShadowFigure6 hours ago
[email protected]
WelshPixie, ShadowFigure17 hours ago
[email protected]
Flat top down view of a piece of paper with the word 'butts' calligraphied on it four times in dark ink, in the same style, with long, swirly ascenders and lots of curls
Angled view showing the shimmer and sheen in the ink; the closest butts now looks blue with a bright gold shimmer and slight purple sheen
Another angled view; the first 'butts' is dark blue with a slight blue shimmer, the others are brighter blue with varying degrees of gold shimmer and purple sheen
Another angled view showing the colour variations in the ink