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ankur sethi is alive and well6 days ago
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Image: Appears to be originally a Twitter or facdbook post. From the point of view of one house that's flying a United Federation of Planets flag, you can see the neighbor across the street has put up a Klingon flag. 

"Neighborhood Feud"
🔮CatSalad🐈🥗〰️ƒɭ ⃘🅍.␎9 months ago
[email protected]
Tabs vs Spaces

A 4 panel meme comic titled "Tabs vs Spaces", in which a person is depicted rejecting the contents of an adjacent blank panel on the first row, followed by the same person expressing approval for another blank panel on the second row.

This joke relies on visual ambiguity between tabs and spaces, neither of which are discernable from the blank background in the panels. It remains uncertain whether the person approves of tabs vs spaces.