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Roam with the Mastodon browser Extension


The most ways to post on Mastodon

  • Share the page — Roam will pre-fill the page title, URL, and image, you just add your take
  • Share highlights — select text or image on the page, right-click to "Share on Mastodon"
  • Thread like a pro — Roam will even help you with character and post counts
  • Take screenshots — one click to snap, then crop and share
  • Schedule posts — schedule your posts to publish later, spread over the day or multiple days
  • Quote posts — share and remark on other people's posts (also works with Tweets)
  • Retweet - share Tweets with a single click

Roam away from your home instance

  • Look for the “Roaming” badge at the top of the page
  • Follow, boost, favorite, bookmark, and reply work from any instance
  • Mastodon and Elk: look for the Quote icon under the post you want to quote
  • Twitter: look for the Mastodon icon under the tweet you want to share

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and other compatible browsers.